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The White Knights



          This is the guild of the WHITE KNIGHT'S , We are a peace oriented guild that wishes only to be able

to roam the lands of Asan freely, without the fear of being attacked without reason ,that is the reason we started ,is to give it's member's a little peace of mind ,knowing that they are not alone,and that if they are attacked for no reason,that they are a part of a fellowship that is ready to stand by his side and ,and if the situation calls for it ,to fight by his side ,to the death if necessary ,to do everything in our power ,to
protect what we all have worked countless hours to build ,there is strength in numbers ,so we must band together to protect what we have created from whatever dark and evil forces lurk in this land ,so if you understand what I am saying and you want to be a part of this fellowship then join us ,and we will stand strong together in the face of our enemies as THE WHITE KNIGHTS.

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